This is the symbol for a Hashtag #. Although Hashtags are used on other social platforms, they are a must for marketing on #Twitter. They were created by twitter to help users search, find and follow key words or topics. If you have a Twitter account and having been taking advantage of the power of the Hashtag then these tips should get you started.

1. Finding accounts to follow is a great way to try using Hashtags in the Twitter search bar. If you are a local business, finding other accounts to follow in your community is key. Those other accounts may already have established a local costumer base. If you are interested in following others in your profession, then type it into the search bar with the Hashtag. Some examples include, #realestate #lawyer #dentist.

2. Create a #hashtag for your brand and use it on all social platforms with your comment and content posts. If your business tagline is short enough it can be your company name #hashtag. For example, Nike has often used #JustDoIt.

3. Use location #hashtags to share your content in specific areas #Canada #Toronto … Often each city or town has a #hashtag that is a short form version ie. – Toronto #GTA, Hamilton #HamON . These strategies will help you become more visible and searchable where you want to be found.

4. Use #hashtags to search specific topics, products and content that are of interest to you. Searching these #hashtags can also help you find people in an industry you may want to follow, or build online relationships with. ie: #realestate #hockey #parenting #medicalnews.

5. Create a #hashtag for a special promotion, campaign or fundraising initiative. Coke used the #ShareACoke to bring new life to its online marketing. Another suggestion could include #GiveGenerously #ForSale


Hashtag Tips


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