Social-Media-MarketingDoes your business take your social marketing seriously?

Follow these five suggestions to get your social marketing headed in the right direction. Remember, marketing in today’s social world is about the customer, not about your various product lines or samples.

5 strategies

Whether you choose one or 101 social marketing options for your business, you are not likely to see the growth, or the success you hope for without an active “social” presence.

5 Smart Strategies Include:

1. Post content that is helpful, informative, fun, thoughtful, entertaining and engaging!

2. Be consistent with your posts and tweets. Make sure a posting plan is part of your marketing plan.

3. Use visually stimulating images. This will increase shares and help to spread your brand.

4. Pay attention to your Notifications! Respond to comments, shares, retweets … in a timely manner.

5. Follow other “social” business accounts. Accounts that are engaging can be a great way to extend your online reach.

Social marketing grows and changes daily. It is an area of marketing that you must stay on your toes to keep up with. Make 2016 the year that you begin to move away from an inconsistent, random attempt at social marketing, and take the time to develop an online social marketing plan.

A well thought out plan always should include “social” objectives as well as goals for ongoing growth and monitoring of results.

If you are not seeing success with your social marketing efforts you should seriously consider training for your social marketing team.


Sandi Booth

Sandi Booth is the CEO, web developer, content strategist, graphic designer, social media manager and trainer at Cktechconnect Inc. located in Chatham-Kent, Ontario. Sandi‚Äôs creative style and dedication to clients has ensured that Cktechconnect has become the online marketing company it is today. Since its inception in 2009 Cktechconnect Inc. has helped dozens of business and associations with focused successful, dynamic multimedia marketing campaigns.