Did you know you can share Instagram posts right from your Computer? It can be inconvenient to use your smartphone to post to your Instagram account. This is especially difficult for marketers who are managing other social media accounts. Many have to use their own personal smartphones to make it happen. If you are challenged with getting images to your smartphone, give these steps a try. 


1) Open Instagram on your computer and Log-In. We have used the Google Chrome browser for our examples (strategies for other browsers are in the link below).



2) Go to Developer Mode ( CTR-SHIFT-i) If you cannot see the mobile format, use the (CTR-SHIFT-M ) keys to go to mobile. 

3) You will see the mobile format as shown above.

4) You should also see the camera icon as shown in the bottom centre . 

5) Select the camera icon to upload a file from your computer (below).


6) Once selected, use the “Next” tab, located in the upper right corner. Now you can enter text, insert the caption and hashtags.



7) Now you are ready to “Share” your post.

If you made it this far, then you are ready to start using your desktop share your Instagram posts.

If you are not using Google chrome, you can research how to use the Developer Mode with the browser you are using. There is also a process for Mac computers.

You can review a blog by Have Camera Will Travel that is helpful in explaining how to access the User Agent (UA) in various browsers.


You will not be able to access your Instagram editing tools using this method. However, you can edit your photos on the desktop so they are optimized for Instagram. Good Luck!

Rick Tofflemire - cktechconnectRick Tofflemire is the Manager of Sales and Business Development at Cktechconnect Inc. Rick’s I.T background and knowledge of current trends in the marketplace ensure that our clients stay up to date on the constant changes in online marketing. Since its inception in 2009, Cktechconnect Inc. has helped dozens of business and associations with focused, successful, dynamic multimedia marketing campaigns. 

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4 thoughts on “Instagram Hack – Post To Instagram From Your Desktop

  1. Rick,
    Thanks for tips on how to share on Instagram on your computer. It is a lot easier than the phone, but I have to make the change cause I started out using my Phone. This is really important and helps a lot.

    Lori English

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