Twitter is the ideal social platform for Real Estate Professionals. It is the “must have” social channel to spread your brand locally. Therefore, for agents Twitter is a must!

Maximize your brand awareness with the following tips and recommendations.

Develop a Marketing Strategy

There is no sense in setting up a Twitter account and just tweeting random content without a strategy. How will you measure the effectiveness? Measuring the results or your time and effort are key to Twitter marketing success. Set some clear and measurable goals!


If you need more information of writing goals and developing a Twitter strategy you will find this article from Brandwatch helpful: Developing a Twitter Marketing Strategy

Master the Functions of Twitter

Understanding how to use the Twitter dashboard and available features is an important initial step. There are several excellent online resources that you can review. I would recommend “Using Twitter”, Twitter’s own support guide.

Receiving training is also an option you can also consider. Effective training may be an up-front expense, but can save time, and have you mastering Twitter marketing quicker. If you are considering training them I suggest you review “Why Your Business Needs Twitter Training.” This article will provide you with some excellent suggestions on what your Twitter training should include.

Consider Your Content

It is important to develop a content strategy that is rich in helpful and informative content. Twitter is NOT about your products or listings! You are not going to be successful on this social platform if you make your posts about “you.” Understanding this right from the get-go, will put you several steps ahead of your competition.


Social marketing etiquette recommends an 80/20 rule, and Twitter is a social channel that actually moves towards a 90/10 rule. Buffer’s article “The 29 Most Common Social Media Rules”  is an excellent resource for helping you understand social marketing etiquette.

If you need content ideas, check out what other active and helpful real estate professionals are tweeting about. You will find a wide variety of topics that are supportive of your industry and helpful for homeowners, home buyers and home sellers. I have listed some ideas to get you started:

  • local festivals and fairs
  • charity events                                                              REMEMBER YOUR TWITTER GOAL IS… I’MHere-to-Help-Tips
  • local good news
  • volunteer opportunities
  • home buying tips
  • home selling tips
  • home maintenance
  • home staging
  • home decor
  • DIY projects
  • home decorating tips
  • relocating ideas
  • moving information
  • mortgage information
  • money saving ideas

Key Twitter Tips

Complete your profile -include a link to your website!

Use appropriate size images –“Always Up-to-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes”

Use 1-2 #hashtags –“5 Ways To Use #Hashtags in Twitter”

Use short video –Video on Twitter”

Follow the majority of accounts back – Keep your followers & following at a close balance

Don’t Use Automated Direct Messages – “4 Things NOT To Do When Marketing on Twitter”

ALWAYS check and respond to your notifications

Search out influencers in your industry – watch what they do

Retweet, Retweet, Retweet!

Thank & Mention (@) others!

Regularly review your Twitter Analytics –“Understanding Twitter Analytics”

Twitter is a wonderful marketing tool for a real estate professional. It is one of the social platforms that allows you to go after followers and start the process of engaging. Twitter marketing is only as good as the content, time and effort that you put into it. Learn it well and it won’t be long before you see positive results!

SaSandi Booth CEO cktechconnectndi Booth is the CEO, web developer, content strategist, graphic designer, social media manager and trainer at Cktechconnect Inc. located in Chatham-Kent, Ontario. Sandi’s creative style and dedication to clients has ensured that Cktechconnect has become the online marketing company it is today. Since its inception in 2009 Cktechconnect Inc. has helped dozens of businesses and professionals around the world with focused, successful, dynamic multimedia marketing campaigns. 

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