Your business is crazy and you have identified that online marketing and social media management is a much bigger job then you or your internal staff can handle. You are contemplating looking outside your business for a social media manager or an online marketing company to take on the responsibility. Where do you find someone and how do you know if they are the best person for the job?

As a social media manager I can tell you that I have heard a lot of stories over the past eight years from businesses who didn’t do their homework.  These companies threw their dollars out the door simply because they didn’t ask the right questions. The good news is that quality social management services are available, and the more educated you are at asking questions the more positive the outcome will be for your brand.

Must Ask Questions When Interviewing A Social Media Manager

How many years have you been a Social Media Manager? – This is a great time to also ask to see examples of their social platform work.

  • Which platforms is your business currently active on?
  • Could I review those platforms?
  • Can you show me the blog you write for your own company?
  • Can I see samples of the content you prepare for your own business?
  • What is your experience with paid online advertising campaigns – ie: Facebook Ads?


Will you complete a social media marketing plan for my business? – A strategic plan is essential for social marketing success. Without a plan there are no clear goals. Without written goals there is no effective way to evaluate your social performance.

  • Can you show me samples of social marketing plans that you have written for other businesses?
  • Can you tell me what are some key components that you will include when writing a plan for my business?
  • What methods do you use to evaluate and make necessary changes to the plan?
  • How often do we meet to discuss and review the plan?


How long have you worked with your current clients for? – Having a long-standing relationship with a company is a positive sign. Ideally, you should be looking for services over a year.

  • What social platforms do you mange for your existing clients?
  • Can you show me the social sites that you manage for (at least three) vasocial-signsrious companies?
  • Can I speak to each of these companies and ask about your services?
  • Can you show me various samples of content that you have created for the various companies? (this should include a variety of images, written blogs, videos …)
  • How much content do you create for your clients and how much are they expected to provide you?

What do you feel are your online marketing specialties? – This answer should include a variety of areas and not just specific social platforms. You are looking for someone who cannot only create content, but understands that “engagement” is the underlying key to social marketing success.

  • What do you spend most of your time on as a social media marketer?
  • Can you tell me about social marketing etiquette and best practices?
  • Can you tell me about a successful online campaign you managed?
  • How do your social marketing specialties match my company needs?
  • How do you handle a negative comment or a complaint on a social site?
YouTube play


What is your opinion of our current online marketing presence? – A social media manager should have taken the time to review your overall web presence before you meet. If they haven’t, then you should reconsider this applicant.

  • What can you tell me about my companies target audience?
  • Do you think we benefit from all social platforms?
  • Which social platforms do you think will be the best choices for my business?
  • What do you see as the short term goals for the business?
  • What do you see as the long term goals?


What can you tell me about your existing online network? figures_walk_into_computer An online network is crucial for marketing success. A social media manager should be able to show you their large network, and examples of that network in action.

  • How will you build an online network for my business?
  • Can you show me examples of when your marketing created Brand Ambassadors?
  • Can you explain to me how an online network could help my social reach?


How do you stay up-to-date on this rapidly changing industry? – Online marketing and social media platforms are always evolving. A social marketer must stay current to stay successful.

  • Who are some of the influencers in your industry that you rely on for support?
  • Can you tell me about any online changes you have experienced and how you managed them for your clients?
  • What do you feel are the key marketing trends for next year?


Can you explain your understanding of social marketing principles and etiquette? – An experienced social media manager should be able to be able to answer this question without hesitation. This is the backbone of a successful social marketer’s role.

  • How is social media marketing different from traditional marketing?
  • Do you follow the recommended 80/20 rule in your content posts?
  • How quickly do you respond to comments, mentions and messages?
  • What strategies do you use to “listen” to what’s being said about my business online?


How do you measure the effectiveness of your social marketing campaigns? – Several tools are available to measure your web presence. A social marketer relies on these tools to analyze and make changes if necessary. These tools also measure what content or campaigns were successful.

  • What is your understanding and experience with search engine optimization (SEO)?
  • What metrics do you measure on various social platforms and how?
  • How do you measure return on investment (ROI)?
  • How often will you review our Google analytics?

twenty_four_seven_clockLast and certainly not least, it is important that you take time to review the specifics of any contract. Don’t sign a contract that doesn’t include details.

It is in the best interest of your business, to NEVER hire a social media manager before you talk to several references! Social media management is a 24/7 job. Your clients and customers will be mentioning, messaging and commenting to, and about your brand day and night. Make sure you hire someone who can cover all the bases.

If you need a “Social Media Manager Job Description” check out these helpful links:

Social Media Manager Job Description

Social Media Manager Responsibilities

10 Important Skills and Traits Your Social Media Manager Will Need in 2017

 Jobs for Social Media Specialists 

SaSandi Booth CEO cktechconnectndi Booth is the CEO, web developer, content strategist, graphic designer, social media manager and trainer at Cktechconnect Inc. located in Chatham-Kent, Ontario. Sandi’s creative style and dedication to clients has ensured that Cktechconnect has become the online marketing company it is today. Since its inception in 2009 Cktechconnect Inc. has helped dozens of businesses and professionals around the world with focused, successful, dynamic multimedia marketing campaigns. 

Join Sandi on Twitter – @cktechsandi

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