SEO: Why Creating Long-Form Content Is Great For Your Strategy

Content is key. Creating awesome content is vital to your SEO marketing strategy. This is why it’s one of the most important factors for ranking high on search engines. If your content is poor, it won’t get a lot of traffic, shares, or backlinks, all of which are important in determining your site’s ranking.

Having said that, just writing text content isn’t enough nowadays as Google is putting much emphasis on long form content with images or videos. In fact, on average, a Google first page result contains 1,890 words. Google values long content because it comprehensively answers people’s search queries.

Additionally, according to  HristinaNikol  from, 50% of search queries are long-tail with more than four words. This shows that users want specific information and by going into detail, you will provide everything they need to know on that particular topic.

By providing relevant and engaging content to your visitors, you will not only get them to spend more time on your pages, but also compel them to share the content with friends and family. Sharing the content will help you gain backlinks and more traffic as more people get to know about the great content on your site.

Google looks at the time spent on a website to determine its value. A short period of time or a high bounce rate can mean that you’re not satisfying your visitors. Hence, Google will lower your SERP.

Also, having backlinks from reputable sites shows the true competitiveness of your site’s content that search engines can trust.

When it comes to social media shares, they’re more of a ranking factor today than before as search engines want to know how useful your audience considers your content. Many brands have actually witnessed a correlation between their rising social signals and an increase in search rankings. Moreover, shares from popular Twitter and Facebook pages carry more weight.

With all that said, the importance of long content is more than clear. And, to get an understanding of other SEO factors and stats that influence rankings, read the infographic below:


Contributed by HristinaNikol

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