How do you reach your customers? If you’re like many businesses, you probably get a lot of them in one or two modes of communication.

For example, you might reach 4 out of 10 people via an email outreachprogram. That’s a great percentage. You might get another 2 out of those 10 people on a single social media site, such as Facebook. But what about the other 4 people—and what about the times that those 4 people on email don’t actually read your message? Can you be content with just a mode or two of contact, and hope that because it has worked in the past it will work in the future?

The answer to that, of course, is no. You have to be vigilant about your cross-channel marketing, which is outreach to your customers via a variety of programs. What does that look like? This graphic explains it.

The Essential Elements of Cross-Channel Marketing

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The author is: Kelsey Jones